Tuesday 19th June at Google HQ  






Discover how to take market share from your competition and maximise your sales and marketing activities at this exclusive event at Google HQ, London where we will share what the fastest growing business tech companies are doing differently.


As the business tech industry becomes ever more competitive - and the global economy more uncertain - we are inviting leading technology firms to Google HQ to discuss proven sales and marketing strategies for your sector.

In 4 TED style talks, you will discover:

Google’s latest BETAs to maximise revenue (NDA required) and get ahead of the competition.

How to effectively forecast your marketing to reduce risk and wasted spend.

Going beyond sales and marketing team alignment to give you the winning edge.

How to get the right balance between both inbound vs outbound and broad-based vs account-based marketing.

How to simply communicate the impact, importance and ROI of marketing to your CFO and CEO in a language they understand. 

We invite you to invest a couple of hours to get ahead of your competition.

Why Full Funnel Optimisation?

We want better conversions from our leads — more importantly, more qualified opportunities, faster time-to-revenue and higher lifetime value. 

What if there was a way to improve your entire customer journey to increase those conversions — as well as reduce customer churn. Good news: there is…....With full-funnel optimisation, you can maximise your entire customer lifecycle — from lead-to-revenue — to achieve your business goals.

TUESDAY, 19th JUNE 2018

Arrival & Registration

Introduction with Event compare Rachel Murray, Fountain 

Getting True Sales and Marketing Alignment  - Adrian O’Gara, Principal Consultant, OGaraCo

Maximising the top of the Funnel - Quality and Quantity Marcus Hemsley, Director, Fountain Partnership

Using data to measure marketing ROI and secure more budget - Martin Zeman, Director, Data Driven Era

Getting Ahead: Google’s Latest Innovations to optimise all parts of your marketing and sales funnel - Roxanne Brownlee - Google 

Networking, drinks and food





GOOGLE HQ @  6 Pancras Square, London N1C 4AG

Tuesday 19th June at Google HQ  6 Pancras Square,  London N1C 4AG

Roxanne Brownlee


Roxanne Brownlee works with Google’s high performance clients on their growth ambitions. Her focus is consulting on both performance and brand digital advertising strategy across a broad spread of verticals. 

Marcus Hemsley

Founder, Fountain

Marcus Hemsley is the founder of Fountain, a Google global award-winning agency specialising in paid advertising and conversion rate optimisation. Fountain’s methodology includes forecasting to reduce risk for clients, with a focus on full funnel optimisation to maximise return on investment. Marcus has worked with some of the world’s biggest brands, but really enjoys working with well-funded tech start-ups who are keen to disrupt traditional industries.

Adrian O'Gara

Principal Consultant, OGaraCo

Adrian O'Gara has over 20 years experience in B2B sales, marketing and operations. His experience spans from niche start-ups and innovative fast-growth companies to global industry leaders including Adecco Group, CA Technologies, GE Healthcare, Sitecore, ThoughtWorks and UBM, to name a few.Adrian is a consultant, speaker, trainer and writer focused on sales and marketing alignment and transformation, demand generation, broad-based v.s account-based marketing, social selling, funnel management, predictive analytics and aligning internal teams with the buyer journey via sales and marketing automation.

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This is an invite-only event for fast-growth, business-to-business tech companies — marketing and selling complex solutions — with multi-buyer customer journeys.

Martin Zeman

Managing Director of Data Driven Era Ltd 

Martin Zeman is a business intelligence consultant who helps companies accurately measure and grow their Marketing ROI. Martin leverages data to align marketing & sales departments around the same goal and to keep both departments accountable to each other.

Martin ultimately transforms company cultures from one that's guided by gut-feeling and whoever shouts the loudest to one that's transparent and evidence based.

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