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Use AI to outperform your competitors

Click-through rate is a crucial success factor in paid search - and the best way to incrementally improve click-through rate is through Ad Split Testing.

Split testing Google Adwords is time consuming, especially if you're running thousands of ads.

Most agencies run limited ad split tests each month, meaning that every day, opportunities to improve campaign performance are lost.

Meet Ludi.

Built by an experienced digital agency, Ludi is software that runs your ad split tests, so that you never stop testing, 24/7, 365 days a year.

Beyond this, Ludi's powerful deep learning algorithm uses artificial intelligence to produce dramatically better results.

What does this mean for your Paid Search Campaigns?

  • Hugely expanded Ad Split Tests
  • Significantly higher click-through rates
  • Reduced costs, alongside better performance
  • An AI advantage over your competitors.



Get more traffic for less media spend.

Significantly expand your ad split testing, without added agency hours.

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