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With over 30 years experience working in the financial insurance world, he has, over the years,  generated hundreds of millions of leads.  With thought provoking questions about where leads will come from and how these will be managed in the future, there was a natural synergy with Fountain and Google.

In the IOD Survey (July - August 2017) 30% of companies hadn’t heard of GDPR.  Those companies who use lead generation networks for their new business will need 1st party opted in data and to obtain this their databases may be slower than the requirement for new business acquisition.

Martin emphasised the requirement to identify a strategy that generates the right ROI for your organisation.  Obtaining a 1st party opt in, during the new business process, means that you can add the customer to existing databases and over time build that database to reduce your overall lead generation costs and increase your ROI.

EXCELERATE, a thought leadership event hosted at Google’s Kings Cross London HQ on Tuesday 19th June addressed the age-old issue of the lack of alignment between sales and marketing teams.  The event was run by global Google award-winning agency Fountain Partnership, together with B2B Marketing expert consultants OGaraCo and Data Driven Era.  Together they explored how to take market share from your competition, to maximise sales and marketing activities principally by Full Funnel Optimisation.

The third instalment in Fountain’s EXCELERATE event series aimed to put the spotlight on the IT and SaaS sectors, offering the most effective digital techniques for fast growth, B2B tech companies – marketing and selling complex solutions – with multi-buyer customer journeys.

The programme for the evening heard keynote sessions from Fountain’s Creative Director, Marcus Hemsley, Data Driven Era Managing Director Martin Zeman, OGaraCo Principal Consultant, Adrian O’Gara and Roxanne Brownlee from Google.

Marcus spoke about maximising the top of the Funnel through lead generation, continual conversion rate optimisation and the proven benefits of advanced re-marketing (Marcus appears at 00:02 on the video). 

Martin then outlined the importance of using data to measure marketing ROI, therefore, securing more budget. The top full funnel challenges faced by marketing departments were highlighted with strategic solutions offered up. (Martin appears at 22:54).

Next up was Adrian who demonstrated the importance of going beyond sales and marketing alignment and the critical relationship between People, Playbooks and Performance (Adrian appears at 39:30).

Finally, our hosts Google were represented by Roxanne, who spoke about Google’s latest innovations to optimise all parts of the marketing and sales funnel. We’d love to share Google’s insights with you here, but as a Premier Partner Agency, we’re obliged to keep these upcoming goodies under wraps, unless you’re part of the invite-only guest list to one of our free Excelerate events at Google HQ. Sign up to our mailing list to discover when our next EXCELERATE Google connect event is taking place so you don’t miss out.